Enduro 1.0 with Megs Braap – Granville, NY (Oct 5th)

This is a 1 day dirt bike training course with Megs Braap in Granville, New York!

Start: Oct 5, 2024 @ 9:00 am
End: Oct 5, 2024 @ 3:00 pm


Granville, New York. The exact address will be sent out to students about a week before the event.


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Clinic Information

We have a NO REFUNDS policy. If you cannot attend, you can find someone to purchase your ticket and take your place in the class.

After you purchase your spot at the clinic, you will get an email confirmation. You will also receive an email one week before the class with detailed instructions on where to go, what time to be there, what to bring, etc.

We ride RAIN OR SHINE so be prepared with a rain jacket in case.

About the course:

I’m stoked to be hosted at the Butler Ranch again this year! It is an excellent property to train on. Big thanks to Adam, Wendy and Ronald for hosting as always!

This is a dirt bike training clinic instructed by Megs Braap! Whether you’ve been riding for years, or you’ve just recently gotten into the sport, Enduro 1.0 will help you take your riding to the next level. We start by covering the important technical points that riders don’t often take the time to focus on, and then we build from there throughout the day.

The class is setup in a way that riders will be challenged and able to leave their comfort zone no matter where they are at with their skills. It is important to me that I cater to each individual’s needs. We keep class sizes small to ensure maximum 1 on 1 time and feedback for riders.

We cover everything from bike setup, body positioning, and cornering techniques, to controlled wheelies and log crossings.

If you haven’t taken one of my classes before, I will always recommend Enduro 1.0!

The skills we cover in this class are absolutely vital for anything we cover in Enduro 2.0. It is my promise to you that you will leave the class with a new understanding for proper technique, new drills to practice, and the tools to make big improvements with your riding!

7 in stock

Have Questions?


Most likely! The pre requisites for this class are being able to smoothly work the clutch and throttle, and get around on the bike in a controlled manner. I will make sure everyone is challenged equally no matter their skill level, but you’ll want to have at least some experience on the bike. This is not a class for first time riders.



1. A dirt bike that is in good, working order.

2. Gas for the bike

3. Tool kit just in case.

4. Hydration pack/water bottles

5. Snacks/electrolytes

6. Riding gear: HELMET AND PROPER DIRT BIKE BOOTS ARE MANDATORY! Other gear to consider bringing would be gloves, goggles, knee braces/pads, elbow pads, chest protector.

7. Sunscreen/hat


Lunch is not included. Make sure you pack a good lunch and don’t forget to bring water and electrolytes to stay hydrated!


Yes you can camp on site. It is primitive camping with no hookups. There will be a porta potty on site.


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Meet Megs

Megs Braap

Sharing my passion for dirt biking has been my focus since 2012! I have recently taken the plunge and made this my full time job. I spread my love for the sport through my riding clinics as well as the media I post up on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. I love all aspects of the sport, but my main focus is Enduro. The gnarlier, the better! Before I made my career change, I was an electrician. Now I travel around North America teaching my riding clinics and I absolutely love it. It feels like I’ve truly found my passion.