General Questions

What is Megs Braap’s subscription site?
It is a social platform where the followers can know more about the Megs Braap. I “Megan Griffiths” created this platform to get connected with my followers and here I can share all my exclusive tutorials, videos, or photos. Here my fans can communicate with me as well via direct messaging to ask questions or just simply get to have a one on one conversation with me. 
See our home page for more information: Megs Braap 
Why Submit My Email & Password Twice?

Your email and password give you access to your account. Sometimes emails can be spelt incorrectly during registration. Double verification ensures your credentials were entered correctly and ensures that you will be able to recover your account access if you forget your password and need to reset your login information.

Click on forgot password on the login page to initiate a password reset.

Notification Settings

Want to change your notifications or alert settings? Log into your Megs Braap account using your current email address where you receive notifications.

You can find all the login links in the footer of our website at Log in using your username and password then go to “Settings” and select notifications and adjust your notifications for your profile as you like.

I Can’t Log In To My Account Anymore?

Firstly, clear your cache or attempt to login via an incognito browser on your device. If you still can’t log in try to reset your password by selecting “Forgot Password” If you still can’t get access to your account please submit a detailed support ticket explaining who you are, your username, account email and the exact situation you need help with.

Sharing details help us improve and serve our users better. Support

Our technical support representative will be able to provide you with access if your account has been flagged by mistake and there has been no breach of our Terms of Service

NOTICE: Using a VPN, 3rd party apps, or proxy services will increase the likelihood of your account being flagged and even banned by our platform/system.

Fans Following Megs Braap

Why Should I Subscribe?

Apart from having exclusive access to all the private content being posted by The Megs Braap, you also have the incentive of being able to communicate with them directly via a direct messaging interface.

With so many great new features and content released monthly, following the Megs Braap brings you closer to your favourite and her content than ever before.

How Am I Charged For Subscribing?

Your credit/debit card will be charged the listed cost when you choose to unlock/subscribe to get access to Megs Braap content, your credit/debit card will be charged the listed cost.

We accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover.

Megs Braap uses a US-based Tier 1 encrypted payment processor to complete and serve all transactions through the 24 countries we operate.

After subscribing, Megs Braap’s content will be unlocked and you will be able to view and engage with it.

How Do I Subscribe/Follow Megs Braap?
Make sure you have a valid and active credit card. You can add one to your account in your “manage cards” tab in your fan dashboard.
Selecting the “subscribe” button will give you the option to pay and unlock the content in Megs Braap’s channel.
Once subscribed and unlocked, you will see all previous posts and all future posts during your active subscription periods.
What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

At this time, we proudly process ALL major credit and debit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, American Express. Prepaid cards, Crypto, Western Union, Gift Cards, PayPal, and other non-listed payment methods are NOT supported at this time.

What Will Be Displayed On My Bank Statement?
Your card statement will show Megs Braap Adventures Inc
I Can’t Subscribe?
First, try to clear your device’s browser cache.
Make sure you are using an up-to-date web browser application, like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. (Ensure you have an up to date browser.)
Be sure you also have a valid credit card linked to your account in your “Manage Cards” Tab.
Our platform detects attempts to utilize fraudulent Credit Cards. The system perma-bans accounts and IP’s if/when fraudulent checkouts are attempted by fans.
Need additional help? Submit A Support Ticket
Cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will still be able to access the user’s profile/content until the end of your existing subscription period. Navigate to the “Manage Subscription” tab in your dashboard to manage or cancel your subscription.

NOTICE: Once you have cancelled your subscription and the billing cycle has ended, you will NOT be able to see the Megs Braap uploads’ content.

Subscription Didn’t Renew Automatically?
Subscriptions may not auto-renew if:
1) your credit card was expired or declined or failed for technical reasons
2) you were removed by the administrator for violating the terms
Please review your account settings, make sure you have a valid credit card added in your “manage cards” section and try to subscribe again.
Need some additional help? Contact Support
Can I Get A Refund?
You may unsubscribe for any reason and at any time to ensure that you will not be billed for that subscription again.
Select “Manage Subscription” inside of your account dashboard to cancel or manage your subscription.
Can I deactivate my account?

you can deactivate your accounts whenever they choose inside “Profile Settings.”

Ensure that you do not have paid subscribers or subscriptions at the time of the deletion. Notice: If you have active subscribers your account will not be deleted until the subscription period has ended.

Important: any active subscription will be lost and will never automatically renew. Once deleted, your account and all of your data will NOT be able to be restored. You will have to start over from scratch.