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Skills Clinic Info

Megs Braap is known for her skills clinics, where she spreads her love for dirt biking and helps riders develop their techniques. These clinics provide an opportunity for participants to learn from Megs Braap’s expertise and gain valuable insights into the sport. Through her riding clinics, Megs Braap aims to create a supportive environment for skill development and offer guidance on various aspects of dirt biking.

Participants in Megs Braap’s skills clinics can expect to receive instruction on proper body positioning, breaking bad habits, and improving technical skills that are often overlooked. The focus is on drill-oriented training, allowing riders to practice and refine their techniques under expert guidance. Whether it’s learning fundamental trials techniques or advanced enduro skills, Megs Braap’s clinics cater to riders of different skill levels.

What You'll Learn

Enduro 1.O

Level Up Your Riding

It’s time to take you skills to the next level. This class will build your skills and technique on the bike to get you through the more technical terrain with confidence!
Small Classes

1 on 1 Training

We keep class sizes small to ensure the maximum 1 on 1 time and feedback for riders. Megs focuses on individual training throughout each clinic.
Enduro 2.O

Technical Riding

Advanced trainings are based around rocky terrain, off-camber terrain, logs, hills, creeks, or any mixture of these things! Megs teaches advanced skills and tricks to enhance your riding.

Have Fun

Riding in Megs Braap’s skills clinic is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that will have you bettering your skills and finding the FUN in dedicated practice!

Skills Clinic


With much demand and success the skills clinics have expanded to multiple states and locations, allowing dirtbike enthusiasts from various regions to benefit from the expertise of riding with Megs Braap. From beginners to advanced, all riders are welcome to join. 

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