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I am a dirt bike enthusiast to the core.  A few years after discovering the wonderful sport of enduro, I was completely hooked and knew I wanted to do something big. I am a firm believer in making the absolute best out of the time we have on this earth. To me, that meant finding a way to bring dirt biking into my life in a deeper way.  

I would quite literally be day dreaming about riding while I was at work (I was an industrial electrician). Wishing the days away throughout the work week, planning and thinking about the riding I’d be doing on my days off... It didn’t feel right to me.  We should never be wishing the days away.  Every day we have is precious…

Racing full time was not an option for me.  Mainly for financial reasons.  Making a name for myself would involve me going south of the border and following a national circuit.  I was working full time to make ends meet and wasn’t able to pull that off.  I had to look outside of the box to find a way to make a career in the world of dirt biking.

I ended up discovering my love for breaking down skills and teaching others while creating YouTube tutorials. It took many years but I eventually got things to the point where I get to teach people in person. My path to teaching clinics full time was partly paved by my media.  I grew my following online by posting about my experiences/adventures on the bike, as well as posting educational content to help others elevate their skills.  The people who come to my riding clinics, are the same great people who follow my adventures online.  It has been a very long road full of sacrifices and struggles, but I’m very grateful to be doing what I’m doing now.  I’m happy to help grow our sport, and help others grow their skills. I can confidently say that I am no longer wishing my work days away because I love what I do

I did my first race back in 2012. It was a cross country race up in British Columbia called the Dirty Dragon.  I got absolutely destroyed out there. My bike had nothing but problems. My skills weren’t up to par. My fitness wasn’t up to par.  I was a mess.  I think I got lapped by everyone in my class at least once. After all that…I was hooked.  I had been bitten by the racing bug and was dead set on getting better.

I raced cross country, harescrambles, and desert races for a solid 6 years after that before I started focusing more on my clinics tours. I also did a little bit of hard enduro racing, as well as endurocross.  My biggest race endeavor was racing the ISDE (International Six Day Enduro) for the Canadian Pro Women’s team in 2016.

My favorite kind of racing has to be cross country. I love the long format racing.  One of my strong suits is stamina and consistency.  I am good at pacing myself and keeping it consistent for long races.  The cross country races we had up in BC were no joke terrain wise either.  Lots of super tight tree riding as well as extreme sections like you’d find in a hard enduro race down here in the US.

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When Megs Braap isn’t tearing up the trails on her dirt bike, she can often be found enjoying quality time with her beloved dogs. Megs Braap’s love for animals, especially her dogs, is undeniable. She frequently showcases heartwarming moments of playfulness and bonding between herself and her furry companions.




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